Mysore Instensive - Breath. focus. Love

mit Annette Hartwig

26.02. - 01.03.2020

Ashtanga Yoga Workshop in München
Mysore intensive mit Annette Hartwig in München

This Workshop is for everyone wishing for more clarity and contentment. A 5-day journey to slow down, sense and breathe. Creating a warm loving relational field where we can broaden our capacity to listen, honor our needs & boundaries as well as purely celebrating our alive-ness. Through the lens of curiosity we can allow ourselves to be who we truly are. Revealing a peaceful state of non-doing and acknowledging the natural currents of life.


Each morning class starts with meditation & somatic exploration followed by breathwork & chanting. During the Mysore Style Practice each practitioner will receive individual support to enrich their practice with more joy, presence and sustainability.


Two afternoon sessions will cover functional mobility (FRC®), actively extending and controlling end range of motion in our joints as well as introspection & contemplation through asana refinement. Yoga nidra, stress release techniques, journaling & self care, interactive philosophy talks & Sutra chanting will also flow into the afternoon sessions.

Pre-requesite: A familiarity with a self-practice is recommended for this 5-day journey.


Unterrichtet wird auf Deutsch und Englisch


Schedule Munich:

Mittwoch - Freitag

7.00 - 9.30 Uhr Mysore Style, Meditation & Somatic exploration, breath work & Chanting



7.00 - 9.30 Uhr Mysore Style, Meditation & Somatic exploration, breath work & Chanting

12.00 - 15.30 Uhr Functional Movement & Mobility. Asana Alignment. 



7.00 - 9.30 Uhr Uhr Mysore Style, Meditation & Somatic exploration, breath work & Chanting

10.30 - 14.00 Uhr Stress release techniques. Interactive Philosophy Talk. Self-Care & Journaling. Yoga Nidra & Sutra Chanting 


- Whole Workshop: 320 Euro / Early Bird bis 22. Januar: 290 Euro

- Weekend only (full Saturday & full Sunday): 210 Euro / Early Bird bis 22. Januar: 190 Euro

- Drop In Mysore Session: 40 Euro

- Drop in Workshop Session: 65 Euro

Annette Hartwig is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, MindBodyTherapy Practitioner and FRC® Mobility specialist. She is a longterm student & assistant of Dena Kingsberg and teaches Ashtanga Yoga worldwide since more than 2 decades in a traditional yet experimental style. Various in- depth-studies with Richard Freeman, Clive Sheridan and Scott Lyons feed her excitement to keep on learning & sharing.


Annette’s emphasis of being present in each moment invites a nurturing space filled with honesty and compassion where genuine change is possible and the deeper aspects of the practice naturally unfold. Annette is director & co-founder of yogabija, a platform for yoga retreats & workshops in Europe and the co-creator of the Dawn Collective Yoga Shala in Arrifana, Portugal.